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If You Could Meet One Historical Figure…

If You Could Meet One Historical Figure…

For our latest blog post, we sat down with some of the A and H team to find out which historical figure they would like to interview if they had the opportunity. Here is what they said:

Luke: I’d like to talk with British-American philosopher Alan Watts. He was active from the 1930’s to the 70’s and credited with popularizing Eastern philosophy in the West. He had a very different perspective about life and breaking free from how society tells us we’re “supposed” to live to be “successful.” I’d like to talk with him and know what he thought about our current society with its overabundance of options, constant distractions at your fingertips with smartphones, destruction of our planet, and divided populace. I don’t know that he’d be able to provide practical solutions for fixing all the ills of the modern world, but he’d surely give advice for personally surviving, thriving, and rising above all the issues we now face. (I say “personally”, though he sees humanity as more of a collective organism rather than many individuals.)

Jeanette: I’d choose to interview Ayrton Senna, the late Formula 1 racer. It would be interesting to get his take on the sport today. Whether he’d still be interested in being involved with the sport or not. I think Formula 1 is a crazy sport to watch and getting to interview one of the greatest racers of all times would be iconic.

Leah: I would interview Marilyn Monroe, primarily because I have always had an interest in her life. Plus, I would like to know more about her connection with the Kennedy’s and how she passed.

Amanda: If given the opportunity, I would like to interview President Dwight D. Eisenhower. Eisenhower was elected president in 1953. He allegedly had a meeting with aliens shortly after the Roswell, New Mexico spaceship crash. I would like to know what was discussed during this meeting and the details of the Roswell Crash.

Edgar Cayce

Steven: I would like to interview Edgar Cayce. He was known as the “sleeping prophet” because, while asleep, he would go into a trance-like state where he would give people psychic readings. His readings were so vivid and accurate that some famous people travelled to visit him, including the scientist Nikola Tesla. Cayce spoke often about the lost civilization of Atlantis, which has always fascinated me. The idea that there could have been a civilization millennia ago that rivaled the technological sophistication of our own time. Cayce was a pious Christian who never charged money for his readings, though many investors capitalized on the information Cayce gave them. I’d love to hear what he would have to say about me! 

Marianne: If I could interview any historical figure it would be Anne Frank. I would like to ask her, “How were you able to be so optimistic with so much adversity?” I am inspired by her diary, like when she said: “When I write I can shake off all my cares. My sorrow disappears, my spirits are revived! But, and that’s a big question, will I ever be able to write something great, will I ever become a journalist or a writer?” I want to tell her: “Yes, you did.”

We’d love to hear which historical figure you would interview if you had the chance! Tell us in the comments or on our social media pages!