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Why the Age of a Business Matters

Why the Age of a Business Matters

You’ve heard it before: “We’ve been in business since blah blah blah.” It’s what so many companies boast to their prospective customers. It’s worn as a badge of honor, and it should be. Why? Because it’s exceedingly difficult to stay in business. Roughly half of small businesses close their doors within five years, according to the Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy. Only about one in three make it to ten years. The longer a business stays open, the prouder it usually is about its tenure.

It’s a competitive world and every business wages a Darwinian fight for survival. The ones that can endure ebbs and flows in the economy, adapt to technological advances and withstand the competition are the ones who have what biologist Charles Darwin saw as the essential characteristic of survival: adaptability.

Whether a company says it’s been in business for a decade or a century, it’s saying that it has been able to weather the storms that derail most upstart companies. Without adaptability, for example, it would be impossible to survive the internet boom of the early 2000s, when digital media transformed the way we all connect; or the economic downturn of the late 2000s, when entire industries were devastated by the subprime mortgage crisis.

A and H Insurance prides itself on the fact that we’ve been in business since 1957. For over 60 years our agency has weathered economic downturns and adapted to the changing insurance landscape. With sound leadership and flexibility, we’ve found a way to stay true to our core principle of personal service that is captured in our personal promise. We’ve always looked at digital communication as an important means of connecting with our clients, but we realize that it should never substitute for that special sense of connection that can only be experienced in-person. If you’ve ever been delivered a batch of cookies from our wonderful staff, you know what we’re talking about.

So when we say that we’ve been in business since 1957, it is because we’re proud of everything our agency has done to remain adaptive in a changing world, while staying faithful to the traditions and principles that got us where we are.

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